Information for Artists

Information for Artists

If you are a UK based artist who has had permanent gallery representation or has been selected to exhibit in three or more major UK Society Art shows (such as Royal Academy of Arts, Bath Art Society, Royal Society of Marine Artists, Discerning Eye etc) and have work more then two years old which does not work with your current stock then Unhung might work for you. We take your unsold work and sell it for less online anonymously, giving it a place on someone’s wall and space in your studio. Work can be framed or unframed and goes straight from your studio to the buyers collection.

The primary principle of Unhung Art arose from the need of many artist friends not ever knowing what to do with those older unsold works without reducing the market value of their current work. We came up with the idea that those paintings can be sold through a reliable website where the buyers choose works on the basis of the work, not the artists’ name. Therefore nowhere on our website will you find any artists’ names, just the work selling on its own merit. 

If you would like to be considered for Unhung, please send us an email with images of your work and a current CV with detailed exhibition information including dates, which will be put forward to the Unhung selection committee.

Unhung will only accept work from Artists who fall into the above criteria and reserve the right to refuse work that does not fit Unhung’s selection criteria.

Accepted artists

If you are accepted, please see the following:-

  1. Please send images, title, size in cm (width, height, depth), price, framing details (or not) and postage/delivery preferences. The price you send us MUST include postage and packaging to the UK. This will not be added on top of the sales price. Please ensure that images are titled with the name of the painting, the size in CM and the price. Please also send us a few lines of biography to appear next to your work. 
  2. The painting will be listed on our website.
  3. If the painting sells through the website funds are paid directly to Unhung. 
  4. Unhung will give you details of the sale, including client contact details and you need to contact the client to let them know that you have received the order. 
  5. You post/courier the work to the client or arrange their collection. The artwork MUST be titled, dated and signed clearly on the back, with the artist's name in capitals. 
  6. On the client’s receipt of the painting, Unhung pay you the painting sale price less our fee of 27.5% after the two week period in which the purchaser can change their mind. If we hear from the purchaser prior to the two week deadline confirming they are happy, then Unhung is able to pay you sooner. 


Unhung will not claim commission on any further sales between yourself and your buyers, but please do keep giving us your old artwork in return.  

Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions apply to all Artists, and are considered ‘accepted’ by admittance of your work on our website. Please read these carefully. 

i) Please ensure you carry out all sale transactions through Unhung so that you are fully protected under our Terms and Conditions. If for any reason we believe an introduction to an artwork has been made through Unhung yet arranged privately, we will claim our 27.5% fee from the Artist.

ii) Artworks are available straight from the Artists’ studio and therefore will not be framed unless already framed. If an artwork is already framed, it is sold as seen, however artists are under no obligation to change the frame or provide a frame for an unframed artwork.

iii) All prices must include postage and packaging. 

iv) The Artist must choose which couriers to use to dispatch the artwork at the Artist’s cost and these details MUST be provided to Unhung at the time of listing. Once the artwork has been dispatched, the Artist must provide details to the Client and Unhung including the name of the courier used and the tracking number. 

v) As all artworks sold on Unhung are dispatched directly from the Artist, delivery times can vary therefore we allow the Artist up to 2 weeks to provide delivery or allow collection by the Client. Paintings must be shipped immediately, however if the Artist is away a 2 week grace period gives the Artist time to get back before breaking the contract. If a Client needs a painting to be shipped immediately, they must contact Unhung to find out if it is feasible before purchasing a painting through the website.

vi) If the painting is not dispatched or available to be collected in the specified timeframe at the fault of the Artist, except due to nature of force majeure, the Client is entitled to a full refund and any fee’s associated with the refund transactions will be passed to the Artist.

vii) It is essential that each Artist wraps each painting appropriately for postage, courier or collection.  Please note that failure to do so resulting in damage in transit to the artwork will lie at the fault of the Artist or the relevant insurance taken out. We advise that the Artist takes photographs of the work prior to dispatch and also photographs of the work wrapped and addressed to the Client. If work is received by the Client damaged in any way, the Client must provide photographic evidence of damage to packaging and to the artwork and will contact Unhung to let us know and for Unhung to discuss with you, the Artist, whether the item can be repaired or replaced. The Client must retain the original packaging where possible and re-send the item back to the Artist via signed for delivery, ensuring that the item does not receive any further damage, unless otherwise specified by the Artist. The Client must retain receipts and proof of postage and email copies of these to Unhung and the Artist. Once the artwork has been received by the Artist, Unhung will issue the Client with a full refund for the artwork and the Artist will be required to cover any reasonable return postage costs. Any further damage to the artwork on its return journey to the Artist will be taken out of the Client’s refund.

viii) Clients have the right to change their minds about their purchases, and are entitled to a full refund up to 14 days after receiving the artwork. The artwork must be returned to the Artist in the same condition as it was received and via the same postage method at the cost of the the Client. The Client must retain all proof of postage receipts and tracking numbers and provide these to Unhung on dispatch of the artwork. The returning of the artwork will be done at the Purchaser’s expense and the original 20p Paypal transaction fee will be deducted from their total refund. Refunds will be available to the Client once the artwork has been received by the Artist in the same condition as it was sent. Unhung must refund the customer as soon as possible, but in any case within 14 calendar days of receipt of cancelled goods. If any damage occurs to the item during return shipping, the damage will be at the Purchasers expense.