About Us

With nearly 20 years of experience selling my own artwork and working with galleries and other artists, we have put together Unhung to prevent beautiful pieces of work sitting on a studio floor or worse, being painted over, before being able to offer them to a wider audience. 

Many paintings, for one reason or another, don't sell when first painted and exhibited. This is either because the price is not right, it doesn't clearly represent the artist, or simply because the right customer didn't come along at the right time. Artists are continuously starting new pieces and developing their style, so  that painting that didn't sell two years ago now doesn't 'fit' with the newer work. It doesn't mean that the previous work is no good, just that its not relevant at the current moment and doesn't sit coherently with the artists' current work therefore can't be exhibited in the same galleries again. Think Picasso!

Portrait of the Artists Mother 1896

Portrait of the Artists Mother, Picasso, 1896

Women of Algiers, Picasso, 1955

Unhung has been created to prevent this happening and to give those paintings one last airing. Unhung Artists are carefully chosen based on their previous exhibition history, proven demand, dedication, experience and skill, and every piece of artwork on this website should be considered to represent an investment. The Artists have been selected to exhibit in shows such as Discerning Eye, The New English Art Club and The Chelsea Art Society amongst others. All of the work exhibited on Unhung is exhibited 'anonymously' so as to protect our artists' current gallery prices, meaning that you are buying a painting on the merit of the painting, not the artists name. This gives buyers the opportunity to buy excellent quality artwork by well established and highly esteemed artists at a lower price. 

We are not dismissing Gallery representation in any way - the Galleries that look after our Artists have infinite knowledge, experience and contacts which we, as artists, just can't be without. Our Artists would not be where they are without their Gallery representation. However it seems a shame to paint over older work just because it hasn't sold over a few years, when in fact somebody out there might want to give it a space on their wall. 

Please enjoy perusing artwork on Unhung and do get in touch if you have any questions.